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Alexa, What the F?

3 5 2019 by fakefred

This website went online on March 2nd, 2019, when the alexa rank was 5,257,570. On 3rd, it soared to 4,621,168, and on 4th temporarily dropped to 4,621,768. Estimates as they may be, they make sense. I worked so hard on it!

Anyway, when I checked that again on March 5th, the rank rised by 819,120.

^ Alexa Rank as of 2:11pm UTC, March 5th 2019

It would take me only 5.6 days to beat Google! Whooo!

Let's praise Alexa, for motivating so many new-websiters, thus making the internet a more diverse place.

Well that's bullshit.

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