You are in the wrong place. Leave.

Why are you here? Are you here because you wanna "learn more" about me, you creep? Or you wanna know some metadata? Go to the meta page. Nobody should be checking the index page; I put it here merely because this damn thing won't let me update if I don't include it. I would never share the index page of my blog. If you are here to check for updates, you have done something monumentally wrong. There is no such thing called an "update". This is a mere archive of textual rant and thonks that would otherwise be unfit in a comic. If I ever wanted you to read an article of mine, I would attach the entire path to it. Under and only under this circumstance should you check my "blog".

Oh, you're not leaving. Good. I wish I could just put </body> here so that the webpage would end, but you would just hit devtools and read the source. As to the non-tech-savvy audience, they would just hit refresh ever so frantically wondering what the heck is up with their internet. You may not proceed. Leave immediately. Leave before the </p>. This is a threat.