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What is fkfd again?

6 10 2019 by fakefred

What is fkfd, again?

A review, retrospect, and commentary of the past by the future

As of June 10th, 2019, fkfd is:

  • four letters, two of which are f's (still true)
  • something you can open in your browser (still true)
  • a domain name that was provided free of charge, along with a Let's Encrypt SSL (still true)
  • a comic site where I post all my crazy (and sometimes arguably peaceful) thoughts & ideas (still true)
  • a node.js app with sloppy craftsmanship and ad hoc workarounds which I claim to be part of the workflow (even more crappy code added to the workflow)
  • a blog site, initially built with Hexo, which forced me to compare all themes available
  • (currently) two apps to exploit make full use of NameCheap, DigitalOcean and Heroku promo provided by GitHub Student Pack (Now there are three apps, and Heroku was removed from the list)
  • a nice place to store my static files (still true)
  • the worst thing you can think of before being killed as a human sacrifice (still true)
  • an acronym of 'fakefred' (still true)
  • a damn replica of xkcd, although I claimed on the index page that it isn't. (still true)
  • a practical web-admin-page implementation (deprecated)
  • a website whose Alexa(R)(c)TM rank as of March 2nd 3rd 2019 was 5,257,570 4,621,168 (It's now 1,362,622)

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