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Tired of social media buttons and excessive fancy animations provided by too many blogging themes, I quit. So here you are, in a static-site blog generated with MkDocs (a documentation engine written in Python, like Sphinx, which is known for its appearance in ReadTheDocs). I call this "Blogumentation".

Here is a list of blogging media I was more reluctant to use:

  • A static site generator I got from trivial technologies, literally named "ssg", written in Perl. It is currently used for usable technologies.
  • A self-hosted pastebin. The links would be a mess, albeit short.
  • HTML+CSS from scratch. Not mobile-friendly, and I'm too lazy for it.
  • Sphinx. Its major language is rst, which I do not master.
  • Hugo. I didn't want a Go environment on my machine.
key value
features not many
speed fast enough
SEO doesn't matter
javascript none
analytics none
trackers none
original yes
DMCA takedown notice fuck you