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6 9 2019 by fakefred

Creating stuff

It's hard, right? Besides the fact that I'm a big fan of automation, I also hate fixing bugs. That's why I stick to this semi-automated process:

  • Draw the comic in Krita.
  • Save .kra file to ~/Pictures/fkfd/
  • Scale image down to roughly 600-1,000px in width depending on original width.
  • Save .png file in the same directory.
  • cd to ~/Pictures/fkfd/stage/ and run ./metagen.js (a script I made to automate metadata generation)
  • ~/Pictures/fkfd/stage/ now contains a directory whose name is the comic id.
  • Copy the images (both png and kra) in ~/Pictures/fkfd/ to ~/Pictures/fkfd/stage/[id]/
  • Move the images in ~/Pictures/fkfd/ to ~/Pictures/fkfd/archive/
  • cd to ~/Pictures/fkfd/stage/
  • Fire up a console in Dolphin (KDE file namager) with F4
  • sftp to my server, auto-login with SSH keys, and put -r [id]
  • Go to Firefox, open up, and review.

It's complex, and I'm bound to forget the procedure once I pause drawing for several months. So I've put up the official workflow here in case I forget.

Speaking of this site: There is no CMS. Only a node.js backend I wrote from scratch [1].

[1] Though not literally; I have Express, Handlebars and Node.js powering my server, HTTP, TCP/IP, and big blocks of silicon in my laptop and every electronic gadget.

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